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  • Junior, Mid, Senior FX Artist  (remote)


Ultra-reliable. relentlessly resourceful. No problem is unsolvable. •  Always looking to improve and grow. • Great work ethic. You do each task the right way.  • Excellent time management skills. Never miss a deadline. • Collaborative. You work well with others. Able to both give and receive feedback. • Flexible. Ready to take on any challenge and roll with whatever comes. • Unflappable. High stress tolerance.  • Positive and upbeat attitude.



• Create a wide range of high quality FX works. Participate in R&D efforts to improve overall look of our content.



• Strong demo reel with Destruction, Water Simulation, Disintegration, and Particle FX. 

• Good technical problem solver.

• BA, BFA or an equivalent professional certification prefer


Interested to be part of The Element X Studios for any position above, please submit your resume and demo reel to:


Application schedule

Program Period  1:  August-September 2021

Program Period  2:  October 20-December 20, 2021

Program Period  3:  January 2, 2022-March 2, 2022

Program Period  4:  March 2, 2022-May 2, 2022


• Strong desire to learn and creating FX. 

• Basi knowledge of Houdini FX.

• VFX students with no work experience are encouraged to apply.



• Basic Houdini FX knowledge with strong demo reel demonstrating artistic and having good eye for details

• Responsible, eager to learn, and professional.

• Excellent written and professional verbal communication skills are required.

This 60-day Internship Program will be a hands-on working experience with various exciting projects under the supervision of our senior FX artists and will receive feedback from our FX sup and clients.


The required hours are at least 45 hours per week.
Interns will receive a stipend and credits for the projects that they are assigned to.

Stipends will be paid per episode. One episode lasts around 8 weeks.

There will also be a weekly workshop for FX training purposes that will help interns to learn, troubleshoot, and speed up their workflow.

Those interested in applying to this program, please send an email with a link to FX Reel to:


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